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Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2023!

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Dear Red Horse B&B Family

Merry Christmas!

We hope you are enjoying a beautiful holiday with loved ones and warmth in your home. This year we are closed on the 24th and will spend Christmas Eve together as a family and then celebrate the New Year as usual with B&B Guests.

We end 2022 with a huge heartfelt hug of gratitude for you, our guests and family, as well as for God's goodness and provision this year. We weathered the fallout storms of 2020 and 2021. The B&B is rebuilding in the best direction and... we FINALLY were approved to be an event center for live music and events! This means we can hold events up to 120 people, have our ceramics classes, host music events and provide a space for our community to gather. We are so thankful for this expansion!

Highlights of 2022 were abundant but here are the top ten:

  • Carl turned 90! He is well. Slower, but well.

  • Darlene turned 60! She also is doing well and at this moment is on vacation with Phil for ten days. Yes, they did manage to take off some this year!

  • Our daughter who many of you have spoken with on the phone or enjoyed her hosting, Kat, married David in a beautiful ceremony October 12th and had their reception at the B&B. David is still working at Lovelace Downtown and doing well.

  • Phil managed to get a nice fence up on the east end of the property and a very secure gate for the entrance to the house. It is stunning with its four foot high red Dala horse on the gate!

  • With help from Juna - the garden produced fresh vegetables from May to November and our farm to table dream is one step closer.

  • We are blessed to still have Mia keeping the guest rooms and amenities in top shape. She is joined by Kayla and together the two make sure you have a consistently clean and comfortable room to stay in!

  • Daughter Sami still makes amazing breads and rolls for us to serve. She stays busy with Theo, now 9, and Otis, now 2. Tony, her husband, continues as manager of Buca Di Beppo here in Albuquerque.

  • Our oldest daughter Lauren and her husband Derek are doing well exploring the next chapter in their lives. We have been grateful to see the more this year.

  • This past year we gave away the pigs, many cats, some goats and Kat took her horse, Maggie, to her house.

  • The in-ground pool project was delayed due to the Covid setback but we hope to get it back on track this next fall.

It's always a busy time here at Red Horse Bnb and we have many phenomenal things planned for 2023. Our Vintage Valentine's day still has three availabilities for booking. This includes your room and a four-course-meal!

We look forward to our Summer Solstice Fest next June and are booked full for Balloon Fiesta!

Our first annual Classic Christmas was amazing! We were joined by Megan's Pantry owners Bobby and Megan Burdock as well as some guests and new faces. Next years Theme is The Grinch (classic or new) and can't wait to see your Costumes!

We will be showcasing the property to Visit Abq and ABQ film office for events and Albuquerque Chapter, Business Journal next year as we now can host larger events. Our family won one of the Multi-Generational awards for Albuquerque and we are so happy to finally be getting the word out that we're here.

We worked this last year with Beloved Rentals NM, Black Iron Catering as well as The Wedding Collective and are excited to be attending the next Expo as a vendor in February. We will also be at the Ann Matthews Bridal Show 'Mid Summer Nights Dream' in January. We have brides booking next year and are so thrilled for wedding season!

Thank you all for allowing us to do what we do best, host you. We can't wait to see what's in store! Stop on by anytime.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Red Horse Bnb

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