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The “Upside” of Covid-19

Red Horse BnB

May 2022

We send our warmest greetings in the very merry month of May!

As business has returned to a new normal we have a moment to look back on the past few years. For those of you who have lost a loved one we share our deepest condolences. For those of you who were sick but are now better we celebrate with you. While not wanting to diminish suffering and experiences we do want to look at the half full side of the situation.

Today we recognize the Upside of the Covid experience here at Red Horse BnB.

While a few of our family and friends struggled through the illness, most of us did not have it at any point. We are all double vaccinated at a minimum and do our best to stay healthy.

There are three things we have learned through the adventure:

  1. We place a greater value on our guests, friends and family - we missed you!

  2. We had time to re-think our room layouts for guest comfort, safety and needs in the new norm of travel. We added microwaves and refrigerators, sanitizing gel and 4 cup coffee makers, removed unnecessary items from the room and examined our cleaning supplies. We developed new protocols for continual cleaning and expanded our meal serving areas to allow for private dining.

  3. We are appreciating the value of longer stays. Although we always took time to clean a room thoroughly, allowing for extra airing out time and cross checking does add time to a turn so the guests staying more than one night ease our load a little. Thank you!

May brings beautiful flowers to the farm, purple Redbud blossoms, exploding color in Iris and roses along with delicious Kale, Greens, Garlic and fresh wild lettuce. Each of these items are included into the meals we serve when possible.

The gardens are crazy fun! This year we have three to introduce you to.

Traditional gardening is behind the paint room and will supply radishes, carrots, peppers, kale, corn, tomatoes, parsnips and more. In this garden we planted the Three Sisters which has been a staple of the Native New Mexicans for centuries - it uses a mound for corn, beans and gourds.

The Adventure Garden explores a variety of growing methods. We have raised beds, Hugelkultur, Ruth Stout and straw bale methods at work. So far, all seem to be doing well though the Ruth Stout method tends to lack water retention.

Be sure to come stay a few days and observe the growing patterns and enjoy some of the delicious results!

Albuquerque is quite busy with Farmer’s markets and Grower’s markets. So many wonderful fresh foods to snack on! Then, walk it off with a good wandering at a few of the many nature and hiking trails!

Our event focus this month is actually taking place next month. June 16-18, 2022 we proudly join in sponsoring the Southwest Pickers Festival in Edgewood, New Mexico just east of the Sandia Mountains. Also known as the Southwest Traditional and Bluegrass Music Association, this group strives to promote traditional music through concerts, workshops, lessons, gatherings and connecting people to the music. See their link for details and come join us!

Enjoy the sunshine and live life simply. See you at the BnB!

Phil, Darlene and Family

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