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The trees are shedding fall must be here!

Happy Fall from Red Horse BnB!

Just the mention of November and we start to get tingly here at Red Horse BnB! So much excitement is stirring as we gaze at the falling, swirling, golden Cottonwood leaves. The graceful, yet rapid descent of leaves reflects how we feel about the holidays approaching and seasons changing. It excites us to share it with you!

Our family anxiously gets past Halloween because we know it signaled the end of Fall and beginning of the official holiday season which meant wonderful smells of baked goods, glittering decorations, reflective moments around the fire and candle light and most importantly gatherings of friends and family. It is truly a magical season that extends into the new year.

We invite you to come share our incredible and magical holiday season with us!

This year we are slowing the pace to enjoy the moments of our first granddaughter! Little Miss Esme’ Rosolino was born October 23rd and she is just precious. She joins Otis and Theo who bring joy to the farm and our lives. Christmas will be exciting this year!

We also have some new and exciting things happening for our guests as well.

  • We have added two Level 2 EV chargers for guests to use complimentary! Thanks @DrbElectric!

  • Our breakfast routine will be expanding to allow for early and light eaters as well as those who want to enjoy a more leisurely breakfast.

  • Dinners will be added back to the offerings with a lighter One Plate special alongside the more elaborate dinner options.

We have returned to offering weddings and events to add to our music events. This past year we hosted a Bluegrass festival, a cowboy poet and old west musicians along with local talent. In 2024 we plan to bring more Chuckwagon dinners ‘round the camp fires and more local musicians sharing their talent. Be sure to watch our social media posts and for future newsletters!

We wish you a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

We welcome you to come stay and linger a while by the fire and be enchanted by our holiday decorations again this year!

Phil, Darlene, Carl, family and staff

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