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The Feeling of Fall


A mere mention of the Fall season and one’s mind fills with thoughts of pumpkin spice, cozy outdoor fireside chats with a lingering friend, a variety of colorful leaves falling softly to the ground as a slight chill breezes through and life slowing down just a little after the summer frenzy. One of our favorite channels on our daughter’s television is a relaxing fall scene with flowing music enchanting one to come relax!

Here at Red Horse BnB we get to enjoy the beauty of fall for a longer time than most places. Albuquerque is perfectly situated in high desert along the Rio Grande river with protection on the east by the Sandia mountains and the west mesa’s extinct volcanoes and petroglyphs.

Unique to our city and state is the aromatic and intoxicating smell of roasting green chile creating an intense desire to buy a bag and freeze it for the winter. We already have done this - twice, and will do it again! One of our favorite foods is chile rellenos in any form. Recently, we enjoyed cornmeal crusted fried green chile strips, croissants with green chile and Monterey Jack cheese, and just plain freshly chopped green chile on our eggs. A bunch went in the freezer

so that we may share it with our guests all year!

When the red chile is ready it will often be strung up to dry in what is called a Ristra. All year pods of chile will be removed to use in sauce, soups and delectable dishes. Red and green chile have very different flavors. When both are served it is referred to as Christmas - which is our state question…. “Red, Green or Christmas?”

A uniquely New Mexico activity that infuses our intensely blue skies with multiple bright colors is the beginning of Balloon Fiesta preparations. Balloons begin to ascend and pilots test their flying skills. Between now and October 7th the city will be bustling with food and craft vendors preparing items to sell, Fiesta planners kicking into high gear and the city reviewing traffic plans and crowd management. More on this in our next Blog!

Our morning breakfast menu adapts with the changing produce and orchard fruits. Instead of strawberries we delight guests with the final batch of fresh peaches as the early apples weave onto the plate. Homemade caramel drizzles over butter fried fresh Jonathan apples laced with walnuts and a hint of cinnamon and if needed a pinch of brown sugar. Family recipes for Apple Putzles and Apple Crisp appear for guests. Here in New Mexico apple, squash, corn or chile Empanadas fill the tables. New Mexico is home to the original Dixon Champagne Apple now grown in Wisconsin. If you ever are lucky enough to come across one you have to try it!

Fall ushers in a graceful time of year beckoning people to pause to observe the subtle changes around them, breathe in and relax as they breathe out, but mostly to be still and prepare their hearts and minds for the coming winter months.

We, the staff and family of Red Horse BnB, invite you to come sit a spell while the beauty and freshness of fall on the farm enchants you. Come and let us guide you to experience the history, art, music, scenery, cultures and foods which make up our beautifully stunning Land of Enchantment!

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