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Introducing Farm Stays

Updated: May 16, 2022

Hello Again!

From our home to yours we have so much exciting information to share. Five years ago this month we began construction on the B&B. We have come a long way!

Many of you have listened, observed and followed us as we have grown each year. We love how our guests become part of the beautiful tapestry and this year will give you all so many new experiences to weave in to.

For Phil and Darlene, the most exciting thing is having all three girls and their guys working with us. From Carl down to Theo our family gets to build the next adventure together. But, we aren’t stopping there! As many of you know we planned to add mini-animals for our guests to enjoy. So far, in April we have added a baby bunny, mini pig and three mini goats.

Our plans also included building a greenhouse so we have fresh vegetables all year long to use in the B&B and sell to guests. We are adding a small greenhouse to Carl’s pottery building which is also beside the pens where you can visit with the new animals.

We have missed you all and want you to know that when you return we will have many options for vacationing while focusing on being clean and safe. We have a disinfectant station when you enter the house. We will be wiping handles and surfaces three times a day. Rooms are being sprayed between guests with disinfectant spray. We will be switching to disposable towels in common restrooms until the crisis subsides. We have disposable glasses in the game room and many more health safety items on our agenda.

The best part of coming to our B&B is the private setting and it is not a crowded venue which is difficult to keep sanitary. Since we have four rooms, we are a perfect venue to bring your friends and family and occupy the entire property so you have a private and personal stay!

Finally, we are so excited to add All-Inclusive stays. We are your destination for relaxation, enjoyment partaking in one or more of the activities we prepared for you and your meals can be all on property.  Let us take care of all the details while you all just relax and enjoy! Please see our list of choices in the booking process or give us a call for more information. Also, if you are coming for a special occasion, please let us know so we can help you by preparing for your celebration!

Stay safe and well until we see you here on the farm! Phil, Darlene, Carl, Kat, David, Lauren, Derek, Tony, Sami & Theo, and DD

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