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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Good Afternoon and happy September!

- It has been a busy year, finding life after Covid. The hotel and lodging industry has changed so much over the last two years. Thankfully, we're still chuggin' a long! We have made some pretty big improvements this last year and were fortunate enough to be able to stay open. We have added new doors to our parking area, re-built the tractor barn, added a hay shed, and a beautiful fence along the entrance of the property so that our guests can enjoy the solitude that is the farm. We have also been cleaning up the south lot for parking and more activities! We can't wait for you all to come see all of the improvements! We have also added more amenities to the rooms for guest comfort. Each room now has a humidifier, microwave, mini-fridge/freezer combo and brand new luxury robes!

- Darlene and Phil are conducting this BnB as the 'Little Engine That Could'. They have personally been financing the improvements for the property and working with Bernalillo County to officially make Red Horse BnB an Events Center. We can now host up to 120 people for events (email We are working with some AMAZING vendors* for our events and look forward to hosting this next year! Thank you to the entire team at the Bernalillo county for their help making this possible. Finally, our sincerest gratitude to our neighbors who came and spoke - we appreciate you all and hope to showcase the beauty of the South Valley and make you all proud!

- As most of you may know August is our busiest season when we are harvesting Grapes, Apples, Plums, Zucchini, Bell Peppers, and so much more! We love being able to offer farm to fork options for our guests. Most of this produce will be canned for future use but the process is so delicious! We have also been working with Taste of Love restaurant owners Kayla and Misty Vallejos* and it has been such a joy to work with them to create the perfect breakfasts or dinners for our guests. We are excited to work more with them in the future on Farm to Fork collaborations!

- The International Balloon Fiesta is coming up and it's the 50th anniversary this year! We have been preparing for this all year! We are now booking about one to two years out for Balloon Fiesta. If you are thinking of attending the 2023 or 2024 balloon fiesta consider reserving soon. It will be quite the extravaganza this year.

- On the personal side of things Carl is doing well. Making pottery like a little elf in his workshop. We will be celebrating his 90th birthday on October 13 alongside our 7th anniversary of being open! Darlene and Phil's niece gets married September 23rd, balloon fiesta will breeze by with another October 1st wedding. Kat and David are finally getting married on October 12th and we have one more wedding the end of October for another guest.

Phil has accepted the position of President for the South West Pickers*

(traditional and bluegrass music) and we are excited to host more music events in the warmer seasons!

Darlene is busy running the BnB and finding a balance between downtime and BnB. She has been able to travel with Phil more often this last year driving around the country.

We have so many positive things on the horizon and so many more collaborations to announce soon. We are grateful and beyond thankful to have our families together after Covid. Now is the time to embrace the light after such a dark hour. We hope that we can share this light with you all as we go into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Watch out for our White Christmas announcement - it's definitely not something you're gonna want to miss.

Thank you all,

Red Horse BnB

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