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About Our Shop

Red Horse Vineyard Bed & Breakfast is a product of 5 generations who have lived and worked on the property. In 1968, Carl and Donna Londene purchased the farm and poured their lives into creating the beautiful oasis that it is today. The once-sandy riverbed soil heavily forested by native Cottonwoods has become a lush oasis due to Carl, Donna and their children’s vision and hard work.


The Londene children learned to work (and play!) hard, appreciate life and always make room for others at the table. Donna’s gift for welcoming guests and making them feel at home still lingers in the walls and is carried on by her children, grandchildren and now great grandson who when he is in town is quick to show guests where the cookies and toys are! Carl and Donna’s hard work ethic, generous hospitality, and creative talents combined with their deep love of family and the land have formed a beautiful treasure and legacy we are proud to share with you, our special guests.


Our historic location is unique in that the road east of the property is the only place where El Camino Real and Route 66 shared the same road. Visitors are immersed in the passionate story of New Mexico’s heritage. From the original inhabitants, The Ancient Ones, to their descendants of today’s pueblos, to the Spanish settlers and conquistadors and finally the immigrants heading west – New Mexico has a rich and diverse heritage.


The Bed & Breakfast is established on land where Confederate Armies camped during the brief Battle of Albuquerque, where farmers worked the land, and generations of families have created the beautiful story of New Mexico. Our property is on record as being part of the Atrisco Spanish Land Grant, and was once the ranch house for a large farm and dairy operation.


Immerse yourself in history as you sip the fruit of Carl’s vineyard. Gaze at artifacts left behind by former inhabitants of the land. Discover treasures like vintage insulators, dairy cans, and Matates (grinding stones) used by the tribes who settled along the river. See wagon wheels, cooking vessels and horse tack from settlers heading west and more!

Sharon Higgins

Featured Artist

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