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Red Horse B&B is a relaxed, family-style, urban farm setting along the Rio Grande river in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We offer an incredible experience at our Albuquerque, NM bed and breakfast.














• Historic location – along El Camino Real and original Pre-1937 Route 66, and rumored part of the area where the Confederate Army was camped during Battle of Albuquerque, originally part of the Atrisco Land Grant, stories passed down that the horses for Neosho Pony Express were stabled in the vicinity.

Original part of home built in 1922 is old Terrone Adobe structure with floor beams from part of box cars from the AT & SF railroad.

• Serene setting for relaxation – founded on Londene Farms where winning race horses were raised, orchards & gardens provide delicious fruits and vegetables and fresh eggs are provided for breakfast.

Enjoy a game of billiards, soak in the outdoor Jacuzzi, or float in the pool or simply relax under the cool of a vintage Cottonwood tree.

• Environment promotes creativity with ceramic pouring equipment and kilns, interesting subject matter for artists to draw, paint, sculpt and photograph in privacy of the lush surroundings.

• Provide a place where cultures, heritage, traditions, talent and curiosity connect and thrive.

Focus is to honor the heritage of the farm and its families who have devoted a lifetime of hospitality. The doors have been open to travelers from all over the world through dedication to Sister Cities International for the past 40 years. Through involvement in The German-American Club the land was used for building floats, practicing and hosting German guests. The Scandinavian Club enjoyed an annual picnic on the grounds.

Many South Valley school activities and organizations have enjoyed the farm through the years as it was a focal point for bringing people together. Whether scouting or 4-H or religious gatherings, Londene Farms opened the gates with warmth and hours of enjoyment.  

The farm has always been a magical place where children could imagine, explore and try out life. One day, children and groups will again run through the grass and build forts or watch a flower bloom. It would be our intention to retain the beauty of a simpler time where kids can be kids and families can relax. Traditions and treasures could be maintained and passed down.

Time can stand still – even if only for a weekend.

Video By Samuel Carr




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Healthy Breakfast

Hearty Breakfast

Family recipes from our hearts to yours

Free Wifi


Complimentary wifi and ethernet ports available in each room



Delicious farm to table vegetables straight from the farm

Daily Housekeeping


Daily house keeping upon request



Seasonal, above-ground, 4.5 foot pool for our guests leisure

Signature Breakfast

Gourmet breakfast, unique daily designed by the owner, Darlene.



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2155 Londene Lane Albuquerque NM 87105

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